KILL BILL: VOL. 2 (2004)



The Kill Bill series is something that is very close to my movie heart. These two movies were the first R-rated films I ever saw in theaters. I’m not quite sure how it happened but I was able to convince my mom to go with me as I was still too young to see it on my own.

Kill Bill Vol. 2 has always been my favorite of the two films. Where Vol. 1 is full of blood, violence, and action, Vol. 2 is really where, I always felt, the story comes more into play. It also feels more like the kind of westerns and samurai films I truly enjoy. It has a quietness about it that has you uneasy throughout.

The other reason I enjoy this film the most is Budd, Bill’s younger brother, and another person on the Black Mamba’s list of revenge. The reason I love Budd so much is how unlike all the other trained killers he is. He looks awful, rundown, and truly no threat to no one. He did get the closest out of everyone in killing Beatrix but he also cheated, using a gun. I always thught that Uma’s list was in order of how dangerous they were. The fact that Bud was above O-Ren Ishii is very interesting to me. it makes me think that Budd had a side to him that we never really got to see. As far as the film was concerned it made it look like O-ren was far superior than Bud. But was she really? …

All in all these two films are fantastic and certainly have a big nostalgia to them. I forgot how much I love the soundtrack; I guess I did listen to that a ton in high school.


While I generally consider Vol. 1 as my favorite of the whole Kill Bill series, Kill Bill: Vol. 2 contains what might be my favorite chapter of all: “The Cruel Tutelage of Pai Mei.” Pai Mei (Gordon Liu) is The Bride’s, in this volume revealed to be Beatrix Kiddo, (Uma Thurman) ancient and almost indestructible Kung Fu master. And after watching a full movie of Beatrix beating everyone at their own games, it’s a nice and interesting break to see her treated as an amateur as Pai Mei molds her into his greatest student. And seeing how Beatrix childishly (and almost creepily) looks up to Bill, we can see a hint of their relationship, as well. Not to mention Pai Mei using his beard as various punctuation marks to his statements and feelings is pretty awesome.

I have mixed feelings about the murders in Kill Bill: Vol. 2. I don’t like that Budd (Michael Madsen) died thinking he had killed Beatrix. I don’t like that Elle Driver (Daryl Hannah) was the driving force behind Budd’s death (although he was killed by a Black Mamba, so it’s sort of like Beatrix killing him, as that was her assassin codename). I don’t like that Beatrix didn’t kill Elle, even after finding out that Elle was behind the murder of Pai Mei by poison. But I do like that the only person Beatrix did kill in Vol. 2 was, of course, Bill (David Carradine). She killed a lot of people in Vol. 2 to get to him, so maybe it’s best that her one murder was the most important one of all.

I love revenge movies. And say what you will about him, but Tarantino knows how to make a revenge movie. And Kill Bill is among the best.

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