Okay, yes, this is a movie blog. But I managed not only to convince Chris to watch the season premiere of The Bachelor with me (although, let’s be honest, it didn’t take that much convincing) but also to write posts about it. The episode is 2 hours long, so it’s longer than some of the movies we’ve written about here, so I figured that counts.

I’ve never actually seen The Bachelor before. After being pushed into it by my boss, I got hooked, half ironically, half not ironically, on The Bachelorette halfway through the last season. And I’ll be real, I teared up when Sean got sent home. So you better believe I was ecstatic to hear that he’d be the next Bachelor.

This show is insane. The concept is insane, but it’s become so commonplace in reality TV, I think it’s easy to overlook how crazy it is to have a show in which 26 women compete to become engaged to one guy – who’s not even famous! At least, not famous outside the reality TV universe.

This episode consisted of a lot of shots of Sean working out and looking pensive and sad, because he’s woman-less. A particularly exquisite shot was of him looking on at a couple taking wedding photos on a beach and laughing along with them, and then standing behind a rock and looking sad about it. It’s really hard being a bachelor.

This episode also introduces all the girls competing. My favorites: Ashley the drunk, who’s obsessed with Fifty Shades of Gray and whom Sean tragically does not give a rose to, Lindsay, who showed up in a wedding dress and talked essentially in baby talk, and Sarah, the one-armed girl. I know that’s cruel of me, but when it was revealed on screen that she had one arm, Chris said, “Oh fuck!” and that pretty much said it all. Her conversation with Sean was unbearably awkward, as she explained that she was open to talk about her missing arm, while Sean sat back away from her and stared hard at her face, obviously trying to convince himself to not look at her half-arm. And my favorite line came from Sarah, “I think the only reason that I’m still single is because I only have one arm.” Tragic? Or a hilarious line from a Christopher Guest movie?


Now I was completely opposed to watching this. I thought it would be mind numbing, painful and dumb. After watching it I can truthfully say this was all of these and so much more, but it is so worth it!!! I have never seen any this kind of realty show. I did see Burning Love, though, which is a kind of parody of this kind of show. After seeing the real thing, it dosen’t really need a parody, it’s definitely weird enough already. It looks like we will be making a weekly post on this show so I won’t go into the characters just yet but all the emotion and drama has already sucked me in!

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