HESHER (2010)



This film was dumb but mildly entertaining. If I had seen this as a kid it would of severely scared me but as an adult it was pretty generic. If you like Joseph Gordon-Levitt, maybe see it? But other than that it’s not really worth it for any reason. It’s not bad enough to make fun of and it’s certainly not good enough to recommend. The best part is a scene where Joseph Gordon-Levitt tells the kid he has to do something and before he leaves, he walks up to the kid, and farts. Fart jokes are always comedy gold!


I didn’t like Hesher, but it’s not 100% clear why. It’s not a bad movie, I guess. But it wasn’t very good, either. The tone was pretty muddled; it was overall incredibly depressing, but I think it was also supposed to be poignant and a little funny, but I didn’t really get that out of it.

I also think Hesher was miscast. Having Joseph Gordon-Levitt and Natalie Portman star in a movie together sounds great, but I ultimately found them to be more distracting than anything. Gordon-Levitt played Hesher, and was supposed to be a dirty, unpredictable, asshole. But he’s still Joseph Gordon-Levitt, and I couldn’t really ever believe he was this sex-crazed homeless guy. As for Natalie Portman, I think her character, Nicole, was supposed to be dowdy. But, I’m sorry, it takes more than a giant pair of glasses and hipster clothes to make Natalie Portman look anything but gorgeous.

I don’t know what the point of Hesher is, and it’s not good enough to be a great film with no point.


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