Jingle All The Way has random acts of violence, domestic terrorism, racist jokes, homophobic jokes, and jokes about the mentally ill, all wrapped up into one delightful Christmas kids’ movie. It’s almost like a Tyler Perry movie!

The message of Jingle All The Way for 99% of the movie is that blind consumerism can solve anything, and then at the last minute it changes to the old standby, “family first.” For what seems like the millionth time, Arnold Schwarzenegger plays Howard, a workaholic husband and father. He consistently breaks promises to his young son about spending time with him, but quickly learns on December 23 that if he gets his son the most popular toy on the market, all will be forgiven. But he then discovers that his wife, Rita Wilson, asked him to buy the toy weeks before and now it’s sold out everywhere. RUT ROH!

Sinbad is around, too, and is a psychopathic mail carrier. It’s dumb. It’s also pretty extremely violent, with Sinbad setting of a bomb in the hand of a cop, but is completely blood-less. I know it’s a kids’ movie, but if you’re going to have terrorism, you should at least have some blood.

As always, the real star of the show was the incredibly-apparent-but-never-spoken-of thick Austrian accent of Arnold Schwarzenegger.


This film we have been trying to watch since Christmas. It definitely was no Junior but it had all the great comedy punches an Arnold Swartzinager movie generally has. Jingle All The Way was definitely a great movie growing up. It is still that way today, maybe in a different way, but still worth the watch. And after all, this film teaches everyone the true meaning of Christmas. PRESENTS!!


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