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This is my second time watching The Avengers and it is still as badass as it was when I saw the midnight screening of it. We watched this because of its nomination from The Academy Awards for Best Visual Effects and I think this movie definitely deserves the nomination and maybe the win.

The movie as a whole is great but it’s really all about the crazy New York fight at the end. And really even then it’s all about The Hulk’s moments in that. Growing up loving The Hulk it is nice to finally see the best film adaptation of The Hulk the world has ever seen. Of course The Hulk was fully animated as well as the alien invasion and if you watch that scene and not shout a few times with fear or joy, something is wrong.

I am very happy Elizabeth liked this because maybe we should just watch it tomorrow again!


I haven’t seen a single movie that any of the characters in The Avengers are from, so I really had no idea what to expect. Chris gave me a rundown of all the characters and their powers beforehand; I was particularly excited to find out that Mark Ruffalo played The Hulk, which I had no idea about.  I was less excited to find out that Black Widow (Scarlett Johansson) didn’t actually have superpowers but was just a sexy lady assassin. I was pleasantly surprised to see that she wasn’t just a sexy lady assassin, and though I guess she and Hawkeye (Jeremy Renner) had some kind of thing in the past and she wanted to save him, she had other, less man-centered motivations, too (saving the world).

The Hulk was what surprised me the most. I haven’t seen any of The Hulk movies, or seen any TV shows, or read any comics, so I know little to nothing about The Hulk as a character. But I do know what he’s supposed to look like, and I know what Mark Ruffalo looks like, and I wasn’t really expecting The Hulk to look like anything other than a cartoon character. But I was really surprised at how good The Hulk looked, from its movements  and the way it interacted with the human characters, to the way it actually did sort of look like a giant, green, blown-up Mark Ruffalo (not a spitting image, but better than I was expecting). I also thought The Hulk was the most interesting; maybe it’s because his story is, comparatively, the simplest out of all the characters and because I didn’t know anything about anyone, I liked his the best. Or maybe it’s because I love Mark Ruffalo. But I mostly think it’s because The Hulk seems like such a tragic character, cursed rather than blessed with his powers. I also thought it was cute the way the other characters treated him; they respect Bruce Banner and then when he turns into The Hulk, they’re almost nurturing toward him. Even when he punches Thor just for standing near him.

I generally don’t really give much thought to superhero movies, but this one was much better than I was expecting.

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