• Best Documentary Feature


I had some problems following 5 Broken Cameras in the beginning, but that is probably more to do with my lack of knowledge on the subject than the documentary itself. I admittedly know little to nothing about the Palestinian/Israeli conflict, and I’m not proud of it. I’ve tried to learn and understand about it, but I think it just might be outside of my realm of understanding. So I’m not sure if the movie could have benefited from a little more backstory (because there is some backstory) or if that would have just bogged it down, considering the average viewer of a documentary like this probably has a basic understanding of what’s going on.

There were a lot of emotions involved in watching 5 Broken Cameras: sometimes it was pretty hopeful, a lot of times it was really sad, and it was always really tense. You never quite knew when a situation was going to be mild or serious. It was a different turn after watching Searching for Sugar Man, which was shot very beautifully and professionally and after the fact, while 5 Broken CamerasĀ was not filmed with fancy cameras and was shot while it was happening. Definitely an interesting watch.

Also, maybe it was just Netflix, but using white as a subtitle color I think was a poor choice. So much of the film is in bright daylight that the subtitles could be hard to read. Yellow would have been a better choice, I think.


I really liked it! I think what I enjoyed the most about this film was that it showed how normal all the natives/protesters were. Watching the news and seeing protesters like this, there is always a huge disconnect with the language. It was nice to see people fighting for their cause and being able to understand them through subtitles. It was even better once we became aquatinted with certain characters, my favorite being Adeeb.

I really don’t know what to say cause I don’t know too much about the politics but I think people really should watch this. I mean it’s on Netflix, just turn it on.