AMOUR (2012)



  • Best Picture
  • Best Actress – Emmanuelle Riva
  • Best Director – Michael Haneke
  • Best Foreign Language Film
  • Best Original Screenplay – Michael Haneke


I was scared of seeing Amour because I’m scared of Michael Haneke. It doesn’t help that I read the brief synopsis on IMDb wrong as “Anne is attacked” rather than “Anne has an attack,” but still. Funny Games (the American shot-by-shot remake) scared me to the point of being physically sick and I didn’t hold out a ton of hope for Amour, not really knowing what it was about. Amour is in fact very scary, but not in the way Funny Games is.

Fear of losing your parents, fear of losing your significant other, fear of losing your dignity, fear of death. I feel like most rational people have these fears, and while nothing particularly extraordinary happens in Amour, it still plays on all of those fears. Amour also inevitably brings up a lot of “What would I do in that situation” thoughts, but they’re scarier here than they are in say, The Impossible, because the chances of them happening are much higher. Would you kill yourself if you were 85 and paralyzed with no will to live? Would you kill your partner if that was their fate? Things no one wants to think about, but Michael Haneke is good at bringing those kinds of thoughts up.

In terms of being an Oscar contendor, I think more than anything, Emmanuelle Riva’s performance makes the flaws of Jennifer Lawrence’s performance in Silver Linings Playbook pretty stark. Yelling dramatic monologues do not necessarily mean you’re acting well. But the subtlety Emmanuelle Riva shows here is very beautiful and makes it that much more heartbreaking, and ultimately shows what a difference a good performance can make.


I’m very glad we finally got to see this film. It’s up for a good amount of awards this year and it’s definitely a big one to cross off for our Academy Awards list. After watching this I can’t say that it’s an all-time favorite but is certainly one of the best films of 2012.

Amour is insanely sad but I suppose it shows how beautiful love can be. It’s almost as if the director thought the end of The Notebook was great and made a movie around it except the wife is slowly dying due to strokes.

It’s difficult for me to recommend this to people, cause I can see so many people disliking it, but I found it quite enjoyable. The movie is very quiet and most of the movie takes place in the couple’s apartment. The story really is how a couple deals with their own deterioration and inevitable death.

I think my favorite part of this film was watching the development of the husband’s character. I really don’t want to say much, because you definitely should see it, but I’m very surprised that he is not up for Best Actor at the Academy Awards.