Adam Sandler is a master at making successful movies in which he plays an asshole main character that a beautiful woman falls in love with and Just Go With It isn’t any different. It begins with Adam Sandler fishing for sympathy as we see him at his 1988 wedding overhearing his awful fiance talk shit about him. I can’t help but wonder why we’re supposed to feel sorry for him instead of wonder why he’s such an awful judge of character, but you know, JUST GO WITH IT.

So Adam Sandler wears his fake wedding ring to bars, gives ladies a sob story about an evil fake wife, and then they sleep with him. Until he has a love-at-first-sight moment with Brooklyn Decker which begins a convoluted web of lies that ends him up in Hawaii with her, Jennifer Aniston as his fake wife, Jennifer Aniston’s kids as his fake kids, and Nick Swardson as Jennifer Aniston’s fake boyfriend. Nicole Kidman and Dave Matthews are also there, where Nicole Kidman claims Dave Matthews invited the iPod. JUST GO WITH IT.

It ends happily ever after with Adam Sandler and Jennifer Aniston getting married, but again, I find it pretty troublesome that she marries someone with a history of lying to women to get them to sleep with him, which I guess she finds charming, for some reason? Oh well, JUST GO WITH IT.


I have to say, this is easily the most enjoyable Adam Sandler we have watched. It definitely had me laughing out loud a few times, I think for the right reasons. We watched this instead of That’s My Boy because I thought it would be the more forgettable and less enjoyable to watch with a crowd but I think I was wrong.

The story could not be more basic and I think that really helped. Most Adam Sandler films are too insane and it really is difficult to understand why most of it is happening but I never really felt that with Just Go With It. It was also nice when everyone finally figured out Jennifer Aniston was attractive. The wardrobe they used that made her ugly truly worked. They had her wear this thing called glasses and let me tell you when JA was wearing them….it was tough to look at her and not vomit.

I think it’s impossible to go into an Adam Sandler movie thinking its going to be good but if you’re in the mood for something awful but still very watchable definitely watch this one.

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