• Best Actor – Joaquin Phoenix
  • Best Supporting Actor – Philip Seymour Hoffman
  • Best Supporting Actress – Amy Adams


I had already seen The Master in theaters, but Chris hadn’t, so I was glad to get an opportunity to see it again. When I saw it the first time I really wasn’t sure how I felt about it; I was so excited to see it, but I was also sort of sleepy when I saw it and wasn’t expecting it to be as slow-moving as it was, and it was a little difficult for me to focus on certain parts. When I came away from it, my first thought was that I needed to see it again.

I’m really glad I did. Even though it’s slow-moving, there’s a lot to take in in The Master. Freddie Quell (Joaquin Phoenix), Lancaster Dodd (Philip Seymour Hoffman), and Peggy Dodd (Amy Adams) are all pretty big personalities, and I think the conflicts made by all of them being around each other are at least as interesting as the whole cult element. And while there was a lot of hoopla about The Master being based on the beginnings of Scientology, to me it was just much more about all of these personalities trying to control each other. The fact that it’s against the context of a cult makes it that much more interesting.

I would really like to see Joaquin Phoenix win the Oscar for Best Actor; he just really transformed himself into the super strange character of Freddie Quell in a way that was completely believable. I think he’s overdue for an Oscar, anyway.


This move was a MASTERpiece, get it? But really I loved it! Elizabeth had seen this before and wasn’t quite sure what she thought about it so that made me a little nervous about watching it. I was obsessed with There Will Be Blood when it came out and I wanted this to be as good or better. I feel like it wasn’t but I didn’t really have a problem with that. I was drawn in from the very beginning.

Joaquin Phoenix was outstanding. I think he needs to win Best Actor tonight. He deserves it more so than anyone else, except maybe Daniel Day-Lewis. Phoenix’s character was so interesting to me and I loved every minute of camera time he had. He truly transformed into this character. Also he made his own alcohol/mix drinks? I need to start doing that, I think I saw paint thinner on sale at Walmart.

The film was long but that really didn’t bother me like it did with Les Misérables. I assume that it was because I actually enjoyed watching this but I also think that this film was just so much more thought-out and engaging than some of the other films we have been watching for the Oscars.

See this soon! #ifbradleycooperwinsbestactortherewillberiots

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