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Oscar season is over, so it’s time that Chris and I catch up on our shitty movie watching. And a pretty good way to start was with Divine Intervention, a 2007 movie from Codeblack Entertainment (because they’re black). (Seriously.)

In general I just do not care about religion or give it much thought, but I’ve met my fair share of preachy, condescending, holier-than-thou-because-I’m-religious people, which describes the main character, Robert Gibbs (Wesley Jonathan) pretty well. Except, we’re supposed to like the main character and think he’s charming. He’s unbelievably sleazy; he uses religion and his position as a reverend to get girls, but not only is this apparently okay, it’s expected and/or welcome? I guess it’s possible that I’m not familiar with church culture enough, but I am familiar with culture, and this guy sucks.

Luckily, his pestering finally wins him a woman, DIVINE Matthews (Jazsmin Lewis), whom I am just going to assume is supposed to be named after Divine of John Waters fame. She’s a reverend’s daughter, so I guess she’s a good catch. She has the pesky trait of having her own thoughts, desires, and ambitions, but don’t worry! Once she gets involved with Robert and her father approves of her relationship, she devotes herself to him, instead. Feminism has come a long way!


I have never watched a movie with such a horrible protagonist. He was essentially a twenty-something reverend that uses his religion to hit on women and we’re supposed to like the guy? I can’t really imagine watching this again. It was pretty bad but not awful. I think mostly it was sad because it has the dad from Fresh Prince but in no way does he stand out as something good in this movie, unfortunately.

This movie was very similar to another movie I recently watched; unfortunately this one didn’t end with the villain turning into the devil and taking someone hostage, the way that one did. Instead watch Father of Lies.

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