WILD THINGS 2 (2004)



You really have to have watched the first movie to understand really anything about this film. It makes absolutely no sense and I have to say I enjoyed it more than the first. It was crazier, the acting may have been better, and there was more nudity. Wild Things is definitely worth watching but I think it’s worth watching just to see the second. Who knows, it might even be better if you haven’t seen the first.


Of all the things going on in Wild Things 2, I think my favorite element is the ages of the actors that are supposed to be in high school. The main character, Brittney Havers, was played by Susan Ward. Brittney is supposed to be an 18 year old high school senior. Susan Ward was 28 when Wild Things 2 was filmed. Similarly, the other main character, Maya King, plays a high school senior who was held back twice, so she is presumably 20 (although she talks about facing going to juvenile hall?). Leila Arcieri, who played Maya, was 31 when Wild Things 2 was filmed (the same age as the actor who played the medical examiner in on the scheme with them). I know there’s kind of a joke about older actors playing high school students in movies, but Wild Things 2 didn’t even bother to attempt to get high school-looking actors.

Wild Things 2 is also one of those sequels that instead of continuing the story from the original movie, is just the same plot as the original movie, with different characters and slight variations. The two biggest differences were that Wild Things 2‘s threesome was probably about 3 times longer than the one in Wild Things, and the twist endings didn’t come as fast in Wild Things 2 as they did in Wild Things.

But yes, Wild Things and Wild Things 2 are without a doubt worth seeing.


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