A few years ago, I watched For Colored Girls back when I was still in college with Chris and my friend, Ben. He wrote an amazing post about it on his blog. He watched it with us again, and I think his post still expresses all of his feelings. READ IT! IT’S AMAZING!:

Chris’ sister Sarah came for a visit and joined us for some movies. Here’s what she had to say about For Colored Girls.


This was my first real experience with Tyler Perry. I have to say it exceeded my expectations. The movie was even worse than I imagined and therefore was that much funnier and entertaining. I would guess that no one would actually watch this movie for the “movement factor” but considering some people believe in mermaids after watching “Mermaids: The Body Found,” I feel the need to once again state, this is NOT a good movie. The movie is in no way touching or compelling. I am not sure if the actual play For Colored Girls (written by Ntozake Shange) is good but I can tell you the Tyler Perry version is not. Now, if you are feeling like a good laugh and have some friends around to make commentary with then this is a great movie and I would highly recommend it. Also, be sure to predict the most ludicrous endings to different scenes. I was amazed how often we were correct.


Here are some topics that For Colored Girls attempts to deal with:

  • Rape
  • Rape + incest
  • Literal back alley abortions
  • Child abuse
  • Alcoholism
  • Religious cults
  • Child murder
  • Teen pregnancy
  • Putting work over family
  • Homosexuality
  • HIV
  • Closeted gay husbands
  • Compulsive sex

Does For Colored Girls handle any of these topics with grace or sensitivity? Did I mention that Tyler Perry directed, produced, and wrote For Colored Girls? So you know the answer.

We tried to think of a good introduction for Sarah into Tyler Perry’s world, and she had already seen Diary of a Mad Black Woman. Chris hadn’t seen For Colored Girls yet, and we thought that its unbelievably absurdity would act as a good intro.

Is Tyler Perry the Lars von Trier of black American cinema? I’m fairly convinced that he actually hates women, as women only have horrible things happen to them in his movies, but they all seem to have brought everything upon themselves, or at least that’s the message that’s given.

Case in point: Kimberly Elise plays Crystal Wallace, a mother of two young children. The kids’ father, Beau (Michael Ealy), lives with them, though they aren’t married, mostly because Beau is an alcoholic veteran suffering from PTSD, who is unemployed and beats up Crystal and her children. Finally, in some kind of drunken rage, Beau takes their kids and drops them out of the couple’s 5th-story window, to the horror of the pretty much the entire neighborhood (and Janet Jackson). Later in the movie, as Crystal sits alone and suicidal in her dimly-lit apartment, she gets paid a visit from her condescending neighbor, Gilda (Phylicia Rashad), who lets her know that Crystal needs to start taking the proper blame for her children’s murder, as she did not get out of the abusive relationship sooner.

Also, Macy Gray gives an abortion in a dirty bedroom that is found by literally going through a back alley, where people shoot craps, play dominos, and talk to themselves.



Easily my favorite TP movie. I really can’t explain how much depth and emotion this film has. If you’re looking for a true pick-me-up at the end of the day watch this work of art!


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