JACK (1996)



Maybe my favorite Coppola movie!

At the very end of the movie it ends with an old 80 year old Jack piling into a van with his other kid buddies and driving down a road, out of sight. I like to think that this is a metaphor for Jack’s death and him taking all his friends with him . . . Jack is actually a murderer.


Jack is weird. The titular character, played by Robin Williams, has a disorder that causes him to age four times the normal rate. So he’s 10 years old stuck in the body of a 40 year old. This presents multiple problems right away. First of all, Robin Williams seems to just essentially play Robin Williams. This, plus the fact that everyone treats him as a child, just makes him come off as mentally retarded. In fact, it was extremely difficult for me to keep remembering that he was supposed to actually be 10, not just retarded. Having a conflict like that tends to take away from the emotional pull it’s supposed to have.

I saw this movie when I was a kid and pretty much thought it was devastating. I guess being a child watching a movie that is essentially about a child with a terminal illness is kind of disturbing. As an adult though, the pointlessness of Jack is so overwhelming that I found it hard to enjoy. That, and, since it is a movie about 10 year old boys, some parts were so disgusting, I couldn’t even watch the screen. There are also some weird sexual themes involving Fran Drescher and Jennifer Lopez, which was just kind of unpleasant.

Another win for the Coppola family!


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