I kept on forgetting what I was watching throughout this film. Cage looks completely different in every scene. But as forgettable as most of this movie is it’s still extremely entertaining. The film does have a lot going for it but my favorite part was definitely the CGI bees! Nothing could have looked worse, except for maybe Cage’s hair.


The Wicker Man might be one of the greatest examples of a movie remake completely shitting all over the original. Now, I haven’t seen the original The Wicker Man in a really long time, but it super scared me when I did. The scariest element of the remake of The Wicker Man is that it actually got made.

Nicolas Cage plays such an asshole and makes so many awful decisions that make absolutely no sense, that you feel no sympathy for his character. It’s not scary, tense, or thrilling. It is only hilarious in its unbelievable tragedy (of getting made).

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