21 JUMP STREET (2012)



We made several attempts to watch 21 Jump Street, and failed due my DVR messing up in various ways. Then magically, when we decided to try again with another recording of it, I saw that it was about to play on one of the movie channels I get, so we finally got to watch it from start to finish.

21 Jump Street is awesome. I had my doubts when it first came out, but then I saw Magic Mike, the first Channing Tatum movie I’d seen, and realized he wasn’t just the generic jock I had sort of assumed he was. He was actually a pretty good actor, and funny. Chris had already seen 21 Jump Street, and when he approved it, I was very interested.

One of the reasons for 21 Jump Street‘s success is the same reason that Superbad (one of my favorites) is so successful: it’s an R-rated teen movie, but not because of sex. It’s because of language, drug use, some crudeness, but mostly language. As someone who cursed non-stop in high school, I always find it refreshing when movies don’t pretend that high schoolers have clean language.

Another reason that 21 Jump Street is so good is that it turns what you’d expect from the plot a little on its head. Channing Tatum (playing Jenko) and Jonah Hill (playing Schmidt) play cops who go undercover as high school students to bust a drug ring. The audience (and the characters) assume that Jenko and Schmidt will assume their own high school roles: dumb jock, smart nerd. But times have changed, and Jenko’s stereotypical jock ways aren’t cool anymore, they just make him seem like an asshole. And Schmidt’s wittiness easily gets him in with the cool kids. It’s a funny and interesting conflict that they have a lot of fun with.

See this movie. Don’t be deterred by the fact that it’s a remake, or about high schoolers, or has Channing Tatum. It is awesome.


It took us three times to watch this. We had a copy of it but it crapped out in the last 20 min so we decided to record it on one of Elizabeth’s movie channels and just sit through it again.

For most movies, that would not be possible, but 21 Jump Street is unbelievably good. It’s easily one of my favorite comedies in years. It constantly makes me laugh and I think one of the great aspects of this film is its pacing. The beginning does a nice job of going fast but establishing the main characters and their friendship.

This is definitely the movie where Channing Tatum won me over, I guess I should watch Magic Mike now.

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