I love Best in Show. I’ve seen it a good number of times, but it just doesn’t really get old. Like Christopher Guest’s other mockumentaries, he manages to make fun of his chosen subject, but in a way that’s not exactly mean, and is almost caring and from a point of admiration.

After seeing every episode of Toddlers and Tiaras, I always wanted to see a Christopher Guest take on child pageants. But really, Best in Show is pretty similar, but without being super tragic, as it’s about dogs and not human children. But just like in child pageants, the dog show in Best in Show is not about the contestants, but rather their handlers. The dogs that are paired with each character are pretty amazing in the way they fit, especially my favorite pair: Harlan Pepper (Christopher Guest) and his bloodhound, Hubert. They’re both big redheads, and the way Harlan interacts with Hubert is so cute I can barely stand it.

Parker Posey has some of my favorite lines in Waiting for Guffman and she pulls similar moves in Best in Show. The entire sequence of her character, Meg Swan, searching for her dog’s (a weimaraner named Beatrice) toy (“BUSY BEE”) is completely amazing, especially her interactions with the owner of a pet shop.

Super funny, great actors, cute doggies. Hard to beat that.


I have seen parts of this movie most of my life but this was the first time I have ever seen it all the way through. It was fantastic! It felt like it was only 20 minutes long but I guess that just means I was really into it. I’ve seen most of Christopher Guest’s movies but I think this is definitely a reminder that I need to watch them all.

All the dogs were great but the bloodhound was far too adorable!

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