Man this film had no point! It had a pretty strong ending and beginning but the middle was a little too slow.

My favorite scene was when all the women and their gay friends sit around a table. I forget what exactly they are talking about but at some point the one lesbian of the group introduces herself, “Hello, my name is Mira.” Immediately after that the gay hairdresser, (I guess their friend?) says, “Like a mirror, get one!” WHAT?? Why the hell are they hanging out with that asshole?


The Coalition presents itself as a revenge movie about women getting back at a group of friends who have wronged them in various ways. It starts out doing a decent job of making the guys look like huge dicks and the women looking like innocent victims of stereotypical chauvinistic behavior.

But here’s a twist: that’s not what the movie is about! It’s actually about how women are always completely insane, clingy, and delusional. It is revealed in the end that the woman behind the whole revenge plot is actually a master manipulator who was sleeping with one of the men the whole time and who was actually cheating on the man that supposedly wronged her in the beginning for the entirety of their relationship.

I hope this film instills a healthy fear of women in all who watch it.

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