It took a lot of effort for me to watch this movie for some reason. The pacing felt off to me, I hated most of the characters, and it kept reminding me of The Paperboy for some reason. It’s very rare that Elizabeth and I will disagree with each other on a film but this is definitely one of them. The movie just felt like it was trying too much, like if a more introverted Troy Duffy made a movie (even though I think this is based off of a play?)

It took us two sittings to get through this one, I don’t really remember why, but I was hoping that when we got back to it that I would become more engaged and love the ending at least. The ending felt even more forced. It reminded me a lot of the brutal James Gandolfini scene from True Romance which just made me want to watch that instead. The end scene was certainly extreme and interesting which I think works in its benefit but certainly do not feel like it saved the movie in any way.

Definitely check this movie out if you’re interested but don’t be too surprised if you hate it.


It kind of goes without saying that a movie called Killer Joe is fucked up, but Killer Joe is fucked up. But the best part is, you don’t realize how far gone it is until it’s too late to stop watching.

The start reminds me a bit of Fargo; a far-fetched scheme to get money that seems sort of logical but is obviously not going to work due to how inept everyone, except for the criminals, are. And for a lot of the movie, Killer Joe follows a sort of Fargo-like story arc. Until the last 40 minutes or so, when everything comes to a head and things get insanely out of control.

I had heard that Killer Joe was super violent, but for the majority of the movie, violence is only talked about and implied, and I started to think I was thinking of a different movie or something. But when Killer Joe (Matthew McConaughey) lets everything that he was obviously restraining out in full force, the violence goes from 0 to 1000, then gets amped up a little more, and then the movie ends. The last five minutes or so particularly make it.

Killer Joe is great but not for moms, the squeamish, or anyone skeptical of Matthew McConaughey’s ability and doesn’t like being proven wrong.


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