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Man I was scared to watch this before it started. In my mind I had envisioned a Mike Meyers type character with a giant hanger-like weapon going around giving women abortions. Luckily it was not that. It was essentially just a movie about women who were saved from having an abortion who now have to watch anti-abortion movies while eating junk food, and waiting to give birth. GREAT FUN!!

It does have a bit of a twist ending so I won’t spoil anything but you should definitely watch this film. Either you will agree with the message and hoorah in triumph or you’ll see how stupid and over the top it is and have a good night while drinking whisky!

Elizabeth (spoilers! – not that it really matters)

The Life Zone is a movie I heard about a long time ago, and had tried to find forever. No bootlegs, no bargain bin copies, nothing. Until last week, while flipping through Netflix, I found that it had been miraculously added to Instant Netflix, and MY LIFE WAS CHANGED FOREVER.

Not really, of course, though as someone who was pro-choice before the movie, I’m sure that’s what director Rod Weber (of course his name is ROD) and writer Ken Del Vecchio wishes I would say. But, alas, I am still pro-choice after the movie, despite The Life Zone‘s threat of eternal damnation and punishment by getting pregnant (and by that I mean you just find yourself pregnant, there’s no fun involved), being pregnant, and then giving birth to twins over and over for eternity. While that does sound like a good example of absolute hell, the only thing that scared me about The Life Zone was that it got made.

So three women are kidnapped from abortion clinics pre-abortion, and held in some kind of Fallout 3-like hospital, cared for by an evil pro-life nurse who can’t have children (played by the older sister from Sixteen Candles) and forced to carry the pregnancies to term while being bombarded with propaganda. By the end of their pregnancies, two of the three women have seen the light and realize their desire to get abortions were wrong. But there’s one stickler of a woman, and after all the babies are born, the two “converted” women poof away (to heaven? to earth? Were they real at all?) and leave the abortion-happy lady and the evil nurse. We then find out that the abortion-happy lady in fact died on the “operating table” (because that’s how abortions work in 2011?) and the evil nurse actually killed herself because her husband left her because she couldn’t have a kid, and so now for eternity they get to hang out together and have/help have babies. Fun for all!

But yeah, this movie is scary. I guess if you’re anti-woman, anti-abortion, and pro-torture porn, this is the movie for you.


2 thoughts on “THE LIFE ZONE (2011)

  1. This is America, so the right to state your opinion is free, but I must say this: just because one supports pro-life, doesn’t mean they are anti-women. It means that they think you should use other means to control pregnancy and, if by the off chance, you do get pregnant, then you stick with it and give a child a fair chance at life. Just like your parents gave you.

    1. I’m not even going to touch what you said about abortion or my parents.
      Maybe being anti-choice doesn’t necessarily mean you’re anti-women, but kidnapping and torturing women, like what happens in this movie, is certainly what I would consider anti-women.

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