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Watching Wish Upon A Star as a 25 year old in 2013 is weird for a few reasons: A.) I saw this a million times on The Disney Channel in elementary school B.) It’s relatively raunchy for a Disney Channel movie C.) Katherine Heigl is in it D.) It is painfully 90’s; in its clothes, music, plot, everything.

So two sisters, two years apart and opposites of each other WISH UPON A STAR to both become the other sister, and then that happens, and they freak out and try to sabotage each other. But, even though this is a fantasy, the fact that they’re still dumbass teenagers is true and they only end up sabotaging themselves because they routinely forget that they’re trapped in each others’ bodies.

The younger sister is also weirdly obsessed with the older sister, and eventually the older sister becomes creepily involved with the younger sister. I’m not saying outright that there was incest but . . . give Wish Upon A Star a David Lynch or P.T. Anderson as a director and you’d have the incest-heavy, insane-parent movie that Wish Upon A Star WISHED it could be.


I REMEMBERED SO MUCH ABOUT THIS MOVIE!!!!! I had no idea what this was before we started watching this, Elizabeth remembered it from years past, and right when it started I remembered pretty much everything. It’s funny how some stuff works cause I know when I saw Knocked Up Katherine Heigl looked familiar to me but I had no idea what from and now after seeing this I’m sure it was from watching it on TV all the time.

If you’re into the whole Disney Channel Original Movie scene definitely check this out!

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