FEAR (1996)



This movie did have some pretty unsettling moments but it’s overall problem was having Mark Wahlberg as the psycho boyfriend. He’s just not really that scary. And he’s so tiny. It’s pretty funny in the end when the dad is just throwing Wahlberg like a child.

What I walked away with from Fear is that I really want them to make a Fear 2 now. With Donnie Wahlberg as the boyfriend, Reese Witherspoon’s sister as the girl, and Susan Sarandon’s daughter as the mom. It would be so good!


Fear deceived me. I recorded it because of a joke in It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia, when Dennis’ crazy wife starts hitting herself and Mac recognizes it as the thing Marky Mark does in Fear. So I was expecting it to be sort of goofy.  And it kind of is for most of it; it’s just really over the top. Reese Witherspoon plays Nicole, a 16 year old, with a boyfriend played by David, who is obviously way older, played by Mark Wahlberg. David sends up some pretty clear red flags that Nicole ignores, etc etc.

THEN IT TURNS INTO A SUPER SCARY HOME INVASION MOVIE, which begins when the family dog is decapitated and the crazy killers push the dog’s head through the doggy door. GREAT! I tried to distract myself during this scary scene with some of the implausible parts, like how this family has insane security (security cameras, security guard, electric security system, reinforced doors and windows), but no weapons in the house? Wouldn’t weapons be your first line of defense? It was also funny how tiny Mark Walhberg gets thrown around pretty easily.

But don’t watch this movie thinking it’s going to be really goofy. There’s rape, beating-to-deaths, and DOG DECAPITATION.


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