it happened one night 3


Man, what a great film. It’s pretty crazy watching old movies like this because it’s so sexist but it kind of doesn’t matter because it’s so good?! It kind of reminds me of my love for rap. It’s so awful in so many ways but I really enjoy listening to it. Clark Gable is so badass as the down-on-his-luck-but-also-great newspaper reporter. I can’t really say that I’ve seen too many Clark Gable movies or really any at all maybe? I really need to change that.

I need to try to dress more like they do in this movie. WATCH THIS!!


I hate to say it, but it’s sort of rare that a movie made before about 1955 makes me legitimately laugh. Humor after 50+ years just tends to get outdated and a lot of the physical comedy hasn’t really made me laugh a lot since I was a kid. However, the two biggest exceptions I can think of off the top of my head would be The Philadelphia Story and It Happened One Night.

This wasn’t my first time seeing It Happened One Night, but it’s been a while and I really wanted Chris to see it. It just kind of amazes me that after almost 80 years, it’s still funny and sort of sexy (it probably helps that Clark Gable is pretty super sexy here). The way they play around with sex and innuendo isn’t as childish as a lot of older movies seem to come across, especially the infamous “Walls of Jericho” concept, Peter’s (Clark Gable) phrase for the curtain he hangs between his bed and Ellie’s (Claudette Colbert) bed while they travel . . . until they finally get together (meaning they get married, it is still 1934 . . .) and “The Walls of Jericho come down.” It’s pretty great. And, yes, I still wince at some of the sexist/borderline scary humor, like when Peter is telling Ellie’s father that she’s the kind of woman who needs to be socked daily, but I’m still able to look past it and just go with it. It’s great.


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