It’s baseball season, and with the rash of games that Chris (and myself!) have been watching, I’ve also been sort of itching to watch baseball movies, even though I think I’ve already seen all of the great ones. And A League of Their Own is definitely one of them. I used to play softball, and while I can’t remember the timeline of when I started playing softball in relation to when I first saw A League of Their Own, I definitely thought about the movie a lot during the softball season. It’s kind of hard not to, especially when you’re a young girl. There just aren’t a ton of movies about women’s sports; in fact, this is the only movie I can think of off the top of my head. And what’s great about A League of Their Own is that even though Geena Davis (at the height of her sexiness, I think) is the star catcher for the team and the majority of the women have movie star looks (obviously), it somehow still comes across as being more about women and sports than pretty women and sports.

It also does a pretty great job at balancing the issues that would be unique to an all-female sports team, particularly during WWII (husbands dying in the war, having to wear skirted uniforms, not being taken seriously), with the actual sports, so that it’s still a baseball movie without being 100% a sappy chick flick.

Also, Tom Hanks can do no wrong. Seriously. I even saw Larry Crowne, which is kind of unbelievably stupid and pointless, but Tom Hanks was still super cute and charming and pretty much single-handedly prevented it from being a total failure. And Tom Hanks in A League of Their Own is just kind of perfect.


This movie is and will always be a classic! I really don’t have a lot to say though. This really is a movie you can sit down at any moment and watch. I think thats why we watched it in the first place, so I could make a collage and not have to pay full attention.

If you haven’t seen this then I assume you’re under 10 years old so get your parents to rent it for you! Or watch it on Netflix.

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