This movie was so cool, so badass, and so beautiful . . . when I was a kid. It is not at all what I remember it being like. The special effects are extremely embarrassing. The film is so bright and cheaply shot. But Kimberly is still pretty attractive!

It’s kind of a shame that they didn’t make a Power Rangers film with the original cast. The second group is okay, I mean there are still parts of the first group but I kind of never liked when Tommy was in charge. I always felt he was the most badass and I think that worked a lot more when he was in the background to the original Red Ranger.

But look at me, I could talk about MMPR for hours so I will end this with, I was a little disappointed but it still brought back some great memories!


I watched Mighty Morphin Power Rangers every single morning before kindergarten. I remember that because not only is that a long time to watch a show, but I distinctly remember being proud of myself for coming to the very grown-up decision of opting to not watch the show the morning of my kindergarten graduation, because I knew I needed to focus on getting ready.

I don’t think I watched the show that much after that. But I was super pumped when this movie came out. I remember seeing it in theaters and being sort of obsessed with the theme song. I knew watching the movie again would be risky because it had pretty much no chance of aging well or living up to my memories of it. Which all was completely true, of course. But I think what disappointed me most was seeing Tommy (Jason David Frank) in action again. I was in love with Tommy. He was hot, badass, and kind of a complex character (at least compared to the other Rangers). But seeing it again . . . he just wasn’t as awesome I remembered. He looks just how I remember him, but seeing him now I realize he’s not that good looking. And he’s supposed to be the badass leader of the Rangers, but in important moments he tends to let the other Rangers do stuff and then he swoops in (sometimes literally) and saves them at the last minute, thus getting credit for saving the day. Kind of lame.

I did come to a realization though: three of my childhood crushes have distinct similarities: Tommy from Power RangersDuncan MacLeod from Highlander: The Series, and the greatest of all, Hawkeye from The Last of the Mohicans. If you didn’t catch it from the pictures, they were all badass warriors who were also sensitive and had beautiful, long black hair. I definitely had a type.


  1. Why are they Mighty Morphin Power Rangers? Not Mighty Morphin’ Power Rangers. Or Mighty Morphing Power Rangers?

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