This movie was nothing what I thought it would be like but I really enjoyed it. I figured it would be a pretty straight forward story, much like The King’s Speech but instead we see this aged Margaret Thatcher slowly remembering big moments in her political life.

What I found the most interesting about this film is her relationship with her husband. They loved each other, they went through some rough times, but she always appreciated him by her side. She constantly imagined he was still around apparently years after he had died. So the movie was a bit like Amour in that aspect.

See it!



Because Margaret Thatcher died last week and because Meryl Streep is always amazing, it seemed like a good time to watch The Iron Lady. I had been wanting to watch it ever since Meryl Streep one the Oscar for it, though political biopics are hardly my favorite film genre. But I’ll pretty much see anything Meryl Streep does, and The Iron Lady was actually a lot different than I expected. It focused a lot on present-day Thatcher and how she deals with being an elderly former world leader while also dealing with the death of her beloved husband, Dennis (Jim Broadbent). Hallucinations of Dennis and flashbacks to her political career torment and excite Margaret, and is a pretty interesting way to frame the story.

I really like how they chose to emphasize Margaret being so pioneering by being the first female prime minister; rather than talking about it a lot (it’s brought up though, of course), it’s all in how it’s shot: a blue-clad Margaret making her way through a sea of suits when she first gets elected to Parliament, her black and white heels contrasting against the rows of men’s dress shoes, the hands of men holding pens among Margaret’s hands, also holding a pen but covered in rings and bracelets. It was elegantly done, I thought, and seemed pretty good at not being super sympathetic toward her without being mean or damning. And, of course, it’s Meryl Streep. Come on.

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