On this movie journey we have run into a good amount of sexist movies but we might have run across the worst so far? I kind of don’t remember a lot of this film except that the fact that it has an almost Saw-like plot. People in this film torture and kill and no one suffers any conequenses. People actually never bring it up again . . . it’s very bizarre.



The Marriage Chronicles is so disgusting in its anti-woman views I think I blocked a lot of it out. Even though I watched it two days ago, I don’t remember much except scoffing and rolling my eyes a lot and feeling more and more disgusted with the messages this piece of shit movie was trying to send. The most egregious of these messages was the old classic that women, or at least, “Good Christian women,” are not supposed to enjoy sex. In fact, they’re not even supposed to have sex unless it’s with their husband and only for purposes of conception. I’m going to ignore the homophobia that that view implies, because it’s not even worth it, and because of course writer and director is Paul D. Hannah is homophobic. He’s already mind-numbingly sexist, he might as well be homophobic. But anyway, this idea of sex-for-conception-only would be radical even for Tyler Perry; that’s going into super conservative, religious zealot type of territory. And that’s always fun!

And you know, I’m not even going to go into how utterly insane this movie is, in that a marriage counselor and her husband essentially kidnap three couples. Or how this is a cheap rip-off of Why Did I Get Married Too, which is saying a lot. Or how one of the main characters reveals that he murdered his wife’s ex-husband, whom was also the father of her child and she was still in love with . . . and it’s never brought up again, or punished, or anything remotely like that. Whatever!

The single redeeming thing about The Marriage Chronicles really only exists in my head, because I like to think the title is a weird play on The Martian Chronicles . . . but I doubt that.

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