I don’t know when I first saw South Park: Bigger, Longer & Uncut, but it was definitely before I watched the show in any serious way. Even as a kid I was never really into toilet humor, and that was pretty much all I thought South Park was.

I started taking it seriously in college and ever since then I’d been meaning to re-watch the movie, but I had never gotten around to until this past weekend. Obviously it was funny, especially now that I’m way more familiar with the goings on of South Park. But I what I had forgotten was just how good the musical element of the movie is. After The Book of Mormon, the musical talents of Trey Parker and Matt Stone aren’t shocking, but it was really fun to watch them create songs in their own element (South Park, of course). I also realized I pretty much knew all the words to “Blame Canada” due to the pretty awesome (at least by Oscar standards) performance of the song by Robin Williams at the Oscars when it was actually nominated for one, which I’ve watched and listened to many times since.

Also, when I first saw this movie, I thought the Satan/Saddam Hussein relationship was really funny, but for some reason I wasn’t really expecting that to hold up. Aaaaand I was wrong.


King of the Hill has been taking up all my animation needs these past few months but it was nice to see some South Park again. I think this is only my second time watching the South Park movie but it’s pretty perfect.

I remember first being exposed to South Park in 4th grade when I lived in Prattville, Alabama. All the kids in my grade would draw all the characters during lunch, recesses, or free time. I got pretty good at drawing everyone but I had still never watched the show. My parents finally let me stay up to watch an episode but it definitely didn’t turn into a daily routine. I think it was a roshambo episode but I might just be remembering the kids in my grade talking about that.


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