I really did love this movie. What this film did best was turn Jesus into the villain.
WATCH IT!! But apparently the first one is even better…and it has STING the wrestler in it.



Jesus (Bruce Marchiano) in The Encounter: Paradise Lost sucks. I’m not religious, but I know about Christianity and the Jesus portrayed in this movie is a lot less like the Jesus from The Bible and more like tea party super Christians. He says things like “Was it fair that I had to leave my place in heaven and be put up on a cross for your sins? No.” He also does shitty things like tempt a woman going through heroin withdrawal by waving a baggie of heroin in her face and essentially threatening her: she can either take the heroin and be okay for a short time or accept Jesus as her savior and be cured FOREVER! She takes the better deal of getting cured forever, but of course it’s in exchange of being into this asshole. Does Jesus really need to work that hard to convert people? Doesn’t he just accept everyone as they are? And at one point he says to someone “I’m ready to forgive you, but . . .” Shouldn’t Jesus have automatically already forgiven everyone for whatever? Isn’t that part of his shtick? He’s ultra self-righteous and plays the victim like he’s Tierra from Season 17 of The Bachelor.

Besides Jesus being kind of an ass (and super white?), all of the other characters are either stupid, sort of insane, or just kind of boring and/or useless. See, Jesus has rounded a bunch of people up in Thailand at a hotel to ride out a hurricane. While there, Jesus essentially conducts a weird group therapy session, because he knows everything about everyone so he puts everything out there. What really bothered me is that no one asked Jesus to prove who he was. Okay, yeah, he knows a lot about these people. But couldn’t he have stopped the hurricane? Or turned the rain into wine? Or made a fireball shoot out of his hands? Something? Isn’t that part of the whole point of meeting Jesus? The closest they come is when a couple asks Jesus to bring their dead son back, which he won’t do. I don’t know, all signs point to this guy not being Jesus and instead being a super freaky stalker guy. Dumb.