Commando is great because it’s sort of like a super over the top 80s version of Taken . . . and I love Taken. How is it over the top? Well the first time we see John Matrix (Arnold Schwarzenegger), he’s carrying a tree over his shoulder like it ain’t no thang. A TREE. And when he needs to rob an army surplus store to get supplies for the takedown that will get him back his daughter, does he break through the window or pick the lock? No! He drives some kind of giant construction tractor thingie into the side of the store. Of course!

I mean, I love revenge movies, and this is a pretty badass one. It’s not badass in the same way Taken is (which is just straight up BAD.ASS.), but it’s just so goofy and sort of nonsensical you really have no choice but to stop thinking about it and just go with it. It’s also really funny if you assume the main villain, who used to be in Matrix’s unit, is actually Matrix’s ex-lover. It’s amazing how many of the lines fit that scenario . . .


An action film truly couldn’t get any better! ARNOLD is so cool and insane in this movie. All the scenes without him should have been removed. This is a movie I saw a lot as a kid. It was actually a family film we would constantly put on. I’m not quite sure how that happened….

I usually kind of hate action films, stuff like the Transformer movies are pretty awful to me, but something about Commando is so simple it works so well.


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