I LOVE YOU, MAN (2009)



I love Paul Rudd, I love Jason Segel, and I love when guys are friends. So, naturally, I pretty much loved I Love You, Man. I really liked seeing a movie address the very real issue of making friends as an adult. Chris and I are both really lucky to work in jobs with people we like and with a lot of people close to our age, but if we weren’t in that situation both of our friend counts would be significantly lower. And I would imagine for guys it’s harder than for women, because for whatever reason it’s easier for women to meet up casually for dinner or drinks or something without it being weird.

I love how Peter (Paul Rudd) and Sydney (Jason Segel)’s relationship throughout the movie mirrors most romantic comedy relationships, but without any real reference to homophobia. I thought the fact that they made Peter’s brother, Robbie (Andy Samberg) gay, but didn’t load him with gay jokes and instead used his character to help Peter connect with men was really smart.

Sometimes I Love You, Man felt a little sexist, especially the scene where Sydney doesn’t want to play golf, or any sport, with women, but sometimes I can’t tell if I think a movie is stereotyping women, or if that’s just how I perceive it because I’m not like that. I guess the best example in this case would be Zooey (Rashida Jones)’s “girl nights” where she and her friends get together and drink wine and talk about relationships. That made me roll my eyes, because of course the women in the movie do that, but maybe women really do do that, and just don’t do that. I don’t know. BUT. I Love You, Man is great.


I’m glad we finally got to watch this movie because I knew Elizabeth would like it. Or at least I hope she does or this post won’t make a lot of sense.

For me the best part of this movie was having the great Lou Ferrigno in it! Also I think anything with surprise vomiting is pretty funny.

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