God, I love Clueless. Who knows how many times I’ve seen it. I remember going with my mom to pick up my sister from the theater when she saw it, and seeing the bright neon credits and thinking it was so cool. Then we had it on VHS, then DVD, and now it’s on Netflix. Although Clueless ages itself by being so firmly set in the 90’s, it still ages extremely well, I think. Or maybe I’m biased because I’ve seen it so many times. But still.

And it is kind of incredible just how 90’s Clueless really is. The soundtrack is awesome, but super 90’s. The Mighty Mighty Bosstones are in the movie. The fashion is insane; from grungy to bright short skirts. But what’s crazy is that even though most of the characters are dressed like crazy people, I remember how insanely cool they all looked at the time. As a kid I was sort of fascinated with 80’s fashion, because I couldn’t imagine anyone genuinely dressing like that and not feeling like they were wearing a costume. I also thought it was sort of a shame that I was living in a time period without a distinct fashion sense. I thought no one would ever look at a past outfit and think “That is so 90’s.” How wrong I was.

Everyone in Clueless is top notch. It does a great job of poking fun without being super mean. The whole cast is at the top of their game here; of course I don’t mean they’re all at the height of their careers, but everyone is just so good and funny. It’s great to see well-known actors as young actors, still doing a good job. And except for King of the Hill, this is clearly the best thing Brittany Murphy ever did. Clueless also stands as evidence that there’s no way Paul Rudd did not sell his soul to the devil to remain ageless.


I remember seeing this in high school in my first film class. What I remember the most was thinking how forgettable this movie is. As an adult, this movie really is great! It’s pretty funny and it’s really weird how Paul Rudd doesn’t age. I know this movie is based off of the book Emma but I have never read it. After seeing this it definitely is on my list! What worked best to me was Brittany Murphy in this. It’s definitely because I’ve been watching a ton of King of the Hill but throughout the movie I just kept on thinking Brittany Murphy was playing Luanne!

I’m very glad I watched this movie again. It was something I had cast off as not very good but I guess this is another reason why getting older does have its benefits.





This movie was sooooo sexy it’s insane that it was kids’ movie. We watched this film because Elizabeth said it was the first time she remembered a movie scene being super sexy and this movie definitely lived up to that!!

I have always thought Kim Basinger was attractive, she’s super sexy in Batman, especially in her hipster glasses! There are scenes in this movie where she learns to kiss (because she’s an alien), have sex and she just randomly wears see-through shirts and bras . . . it’s great. But I think other than the audience the one who must of had the greatest time of his life was Dan Aykroyd. The loser scientist who was the reason that Kim Basinger came to earth in the first place. All their sexy scenes together are super long and one can only imagine that he made sure they had a few takes.

Also Alyson Hannigan is in this and her boyfriend in it is . . . SETH GREEN!!! Is Joss Whedon a big fan of this film? ALSO Jon Lovitz is in this and he ends up going to the aliens’ home planet to “teach them about earth” but to really have sex with all the attractive inhabitants. Also there is a scene where you get to see a graphic cover of a Hustler . . . so this movie is pretty sexy and I really wish that I had seen it as a kid cause it would have been an instant classic!


My Stepmother is an Alien is near and dear to my heart for a couple of reasons. First of all, I’m pretty sure it was the first movie I ever saw with anything close to a sex scene. The movie includes a porno clip and a really long scene of Celeste (Kim Basinger) sort of stripping (but mostly slinking around in a silk slip). It was sort of incredible. And, even more incredibly, the movie lived up to my memories of it. I always thought it was kids’ movie, but now that I’ve seen it as an adult I’m not so sure.

The other reason this movie is dear to me because the first time I ever used the word “hilarious” in a sentence was in describing this movie. My family sat down to watch it, and before it came on I said, “I heard this movie was hilarious.” I have no idea how old I was, but I was pretty young, and I had been dying to say the word and was so proud of myself when I did.

I guess I can’t really tell what else My Stepmother is an Alien has going for it. It’s super goofy but then has some really sexy and scary parts, so the tone is sort of off a bit. One of the highlights, though was seeing a pre-Buffy Alyson Hannigan and Seth Green on a super-80’s date. A super-80’s Juliette Lewis was also involved, but she didn’t have any lines, which was . . . okay.

BODY HEAT (1981)


Elizabeth (spoilers!)

Body Heat sort of reminded me of a good version of Wild Things; between taking place in Florida, having sexy ladies, murder, and twist endings, it makes me think that the people who made Wild Things probably pitched it as “Like Body Heat, but campy and with twenty-somethings playing high schoolers!”

But anyway, we all know Body Heat is super sexy. It was made when Kathleen Turner and William Hurt (and Mickey Rourke, for that matter, though he doesn’t have any sexy scenes) were at the height of their sexiness. I mean, Kathleen Turner is just insanely hot. But then, so is William Hurt. So that’s pretty great.

Body Heat is also a really good example of how much context matters in a movie. There’s a relatively famous scene where Ned (William Hurt) is at Matty (Kathleen Turner)’s house, where she has turned him down, but not before kissing him and going back into the house. He stands by his car for a few moments before going back up to her front door, where he can see Matty standing in the foyer, waiting for him. The front door is locked, and all of the other doors are locked, but they keep looking at each other and Matty clearly wants him to come in. So, he throws a lawn chair through a window, which only barely makes Matty flinch, and he climbs in where they have sex on the floor. It’s both hot and cool in that classic movie way. But what’s interesting is if you imagine that same scene happening in, say, a Tyler Perry movie. It would be horrifying. It’s not as if Ned rapes Matty, it’s clearly consensual, but in a different movie, a man throwing a chair through a window to get inside the house where a woman is alone so he can have sex with her would be super scary. And it would be super scary in real life. I wanted Chris to kiss me pretty badly when we were still just friends, but if he had left my apartment only to turn around and break through the window to climb in and kiss me . . . well things would have been a lot different. But that’s just evidence of good filmmaking. Writer/director Lawrence Kasdan has created a universe for Body Heat where something like Ned breaking into Matty’s house not only is okay, but makes sense.

The pacing of Body Heat is also pretty great, as well as the set design, which made me feel really hot while watching it. Everyone in the movie is always sweating, there’s always a haze of cigarette smoke, people are fanning themselves, rubbing themselves with ice, pointing fans at themselves. I was honestly feeling overheated while watching it. But that was also because I was nervous, another point for Body Heat. I was nervous because Ned and Matty’s murder plot started to unravel, and the more clear it became that they were not going to get away with it, the more nervous I became. Making the audience root for murderers isn’t always easy, but it is in this case. This also further proved to me that I would never be able to commit murder. Not that I thought I could before I saw this movie, but I was getting so nervous just watching Body Heat that the thought of being in a situation remotely similar made me feel sick to my stomach. I would have cracked the second 1981-Ted Danson started to suspect something.


I had actually watched this in high school but had completely forgotten until we started watching it. It’s pretty obvious that I rented this just solely on the fact that I must have known there was nudity and that it was sexy but it’s actually a pretty badass movie! The story is interesting and the actors are great. The only thing I didn’t really like was how bright it was. There are scenes in a diner where you can barely look at the screen it’s so bright.

WATCH THIS . . . but not with one’s parents.