CARRIE (1976)

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CarrieĀ is obviously pretty freaky, but any time I watch it I’m just reminded of how much of a tragedy it is. It opens with Carrie (Sissy Spacek) getting her period for the first time in the school locker room shower without knowing what a period is, and instead of being at all sympathetic, the girls in her class throw pads and tampons at her while yelling, “Plug it up!” I don’t think you have to be female to find that horrifying.

When I was younger and before I ever saw the movie, the cover of Carrie scared the hell out of me. And while obviously the whole pig-blood-prom-fire scene is the most famous and pretty memorable, I think it makes Carrie look too much like a bad guy. Okay, yeah, Carrie killed her classmates, including people who tried to help her. But she was bullied to an unbelievable degree, and her mom was a psychotic Christian. Can you blame her? Okay, I’m not saying there’s an excuse for school violence. But tormenting a girl with telekinesis does not bode well for you, which is a lesson everyone should take away from Carrie.

But in all seriousness, I think there is a lesson to take away from Carrie, which is that no matter what you think you know about someone, you might not really know what’s up with them. And don’t douse them in pig’s blood during their one moment of happiness, either.


I was not expecting to love this movie but it was great!! I had no idea how sad and crazy this film was and that John Travolta was in it.

It was a pretty predictable movie, mostly because how famous it is, but at no point was I bored or uninterested. I felt like this film was a lot like Rosemary’s Baby in the way that it turned out to be pretty great instead of just a cheesy horror film.