Chris has been bugging me to watch Spooky Buddies for so long for reasons that are beyond me. Granted, I’ve never seen Air Bud or any of the sequels or Buddy spinoffs. But Spooky Buddies is really weird. It’s really convoluted for a kids’ movie, and I know for a fact if I saw this as a child it would either scare me or make me cry (or both). Why? Because in the beginning, the souls of beagle puppies are eaten by The Halloween Hound, a scary but also sort of cute giant dog with glowing eyes. Oh, except there’s one beagle puppy that didn’t get sacrificed and is left to suffer for 60 years or something as a puppy ghost. I mean, that’s really sad and scary right?

Of course, in the end, all the souls are restored and no one dies, but still. Spooky Buddies is not for those too sensitive to see puppy ghosts . . .


For some strange reason it was tough to get Elizabeth to watch this movie but I know in her heart she’s glad we finally did. It was faaaaaantastic! It was pretty well put together considering it’s the 10th movie in the Air Bud series. My favorite part was easily when the fat/sporty buddy saves his life by farting (and I mean a dense musty fart) in the face of the villain. A good watch and I look forward to watching more.


Screen shot 2013-05-17 at 7.16.37 PM


I know I saw the first ten minutes of this movie somewhere but I’m terribly happy I finally got to see the whole thing. This movie definitely became an instant classic for me. It has everything! Ice Cube puts on the performance of his life, there are thrills, there are tears, and there are hallucinations, but what this film does best is having something to laugh at on a Thursday night!

This movie is a pretty average romance film except it has Ice Cube talking to a bobblehead, that talks back to him, AND Ice Cube trying to get rid of a girls kids so he can get some.


Are We There Yet? is about a schizophrenic Ice Cube being trusted to take a possible love interest’s children across the Canadian border. Why do I say that’s what the movie is about? Well, see the above photo, for Exhibit #1. Exhibit #2 is the fact that one of the characters is a dashboard bobblehead of Satchel Page, whom Ice Cube talks to. The bobblehead talks back to Ice Cube, too. It’s never explained if Ice Cube is imagining this, or if the bobblehead is magical, or what the hell is going on. Just the mere fact that it’s unexplained is weird enough.

Are We There Yet? isn’t funny and it isn’t family-friendly. So I’m not really sure who the audience is or what the point is. At least Ice Cube describes something as “it’ll make your mouth all chocolately.” I guess it’s worth it for that.