I was so excited to see this and it easily met all my expectations. I think what did it the most was the ending. It truly has me pumped for the other films to come! It was has me interested in the new Star Wars films, a franchise I generally have fun disliking.


Although I’m not anywhere near a Trekkie, I was pretty excited to see Star Trek Into Darkness because I really liked the first movie. I didn’t really know anything about the plot of the sequel, but I actually ended up liking it more than the first movie, which sort of surprised me.

The movie was a lot more violent than I had expected; there’s a terrorist attack and a lot of mass explosions that cause bodies to fall out of spaceships. I sort of wish there was less of that, not because it disturbed me necessarily, but because I like how intellectual Star Trek can be and it would have been nice to have more of that. But that being said, like the first one, my favorite part of Star Trek Into Darkness was the characters and the way they interact. I think that’s the most realistic thing in the movie, and I also think when you have a story based on something that seems very unreal (like space exploration in the future), it’s really important to have realistic relationships as a means of grounding the story and making it relatable. Star Trek Into Darkness does that well, and it also does a good job of walking the line between not taking itself too seriously and taking itself seriously enough. This is especially true with the relationship between Kirk (Chris Pine) and Dr. Leonard “Bones” McCoy (Karl Urban). I know the relationship between Kirk and Spock (Zachary Quinto) tends to get the most attention, and it deserves it, but Bones is overdramatic to the point that it annoys Kirk, and Kirk lets him know that. He lets Bones know when he’s using too many metaphors when they’re in a crisis, for example. It’s just stuff like that I love here: funny, realistic, but not overly goofy.

And I guess it’s no surprise that Benedict Cumberbatch is super scary here. He’s kind of Hannibal Lector scary (not that he eats people); his scariness comes more from him being so composed all the time than just being violent. I’ve never seen Sherlock, but I’ve seen Atonement, where Cumberbatch plays a child rapist, so ever since then I’ve never seen him in a positive light. It definitely works to his advantage here. Also, I know he’s a redheaded Englishman, but they make him look ultra pasty here, which ends up being ultra creepy.

I have to say though, I was sort of disappointed that there wasn’t a Tyler Perry cameo the way there was in the first movie. You can’t have everything, I guess.

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