Elizabeth (spoilers!)

The Cabin in the Woods is legitimately scary, but in a way that not many horror movies are. It’s also legitimately funny, which, again, not a lot of horror movies are. It also actually succeeds in being a pretty original story, rather than just trying to be original. So, basically, I think The Cabin the Woods is an all-around success.

People get murdered in The Cabin in the Woods, and those scenes are really gruesome and scary, but what’s scarier is why they’re being murdered. We know early on that the whole thing is orchestrated by some kind of secret governmental sect. But it’s slowly revealed throughout the movie that they take so much pleasure in successfully torturing and killing these kids because doing so is necessary to save the world. The last two survivors, Dana (Kristen Connolly) and Marty (Fran Kranz) catch on that someone (besides the zombies chasing them around) is actually doing this to them. Once they find this out, the movie goes from an interesting, horror-movie-with-a-twist to a supernatural gorefest. In the end, it turns out that they have unwillingly been part of an ancient ritual to sacrifice them to evil gods who used to rule earth. Without these sacrifices done in a specific order, the gods will rise up and kill everyone on earth. Various other countries have failed in their attempts to get it right, and the US is the last one standing before time runs out. It ends up being up to Dana; if she kills Marty (as he has to die first and her death is optional as long as she suffers), the world is safe. But, in the end, she doesn’t kill him, and the two friends sit together and share a joint, realizing that if this is how humans rule the world, maybe we shouldn’t.

It probably sounds cornier on paper, but it’s just a really interesting concept. And the movie causes interesting feelings; you’re scared at first because of scenes like the one where a couple is interrupted during sex by zombies, after which the zombies hold down the girl and decapitate her in front of her boyfriend. But in the end, you’re scared because the whole bigger picture is really creepy and you can’t help but think of the old question regarding the importance of one life against the lives of many. It’s also nice that the reveal is done slowly; there’s no surprise twist at the very end, nothing to pop out for one last scare. It successfully plays with horror cliches while still coming out as original in the end.


This movie really did scare me. The killing scenes were so intense. But that being said I loved this movie! I’ve been wanting to watch a horror movie lately and this looks to be one of the best from the past few years.

I was really hoping though that Chris Hemsworth was going to pull out a giant hammer and start killing everyone though!

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