Dirty Dancing


I kind of had no idea what this movie was about. I kept on expecting tons of fights to break out but I think I was confusing this with Road House. I was also not sure how I would view Patrick Swayze. The movie I generally think of him in is To Wong Fu. So I feel like I enjoyed Dirty Dancing but Swayze will always be Vida to me. What made this movie great was an appearance by Kelly Bishop, famously known for her role in Gilmore Girls. This was the first time I had ever seen her in anything else and she definitely looks pretty good in it.


At this point I’m not entirely sure how many times I’ve seen Dirty Dancing but it just really never gets old. Obviously, some of it is pretty corny, especially when Johnny (Patrick Swayze) says stuff along the lines of “I’m from the streets! I ain’t nothin’!” But, really, it’s okay that it’s cheesy because it’s just enjoyable anyway. And the dancing is great.

One thing I love about Dirty Dancing is just how dirty the dancing is. It’s dirty now in 2013, was dirty when the movie came out in 1987, and would have been really dirty at the time the movie was supposed to take place, in 1963. The first time Baby (Jennifer Grey) enters the clubhouse with the staff of the resort her family is staying at sweatily grinding against each other, it cuts to Baby’s face, staring with her mouth open. And even now, it’s sort of hard not to have a similar reaction watching the movie. Despite the title, up until that scene, the movie is pretty innocent: women wear early 60’s style dresses, men wear jackets, families have lunch together. The scene of teenagers dry humping on a dancefloor kind of comes as a shock. But it’s not just the dirty dancing that’s great, it’s the dancing in general. I really do love a good montage (but when they’re bad . . . they’re so bad), and Dirty Dancing nails the dancing montages. It’s great. And, of course, the music is so fabulous. Most of the 80s stuff is forgettable (especially “She’s Like The Wind” sung by Patrick Swayze . . .), but then “Hungry Eyes” is also in there, so it’s still pretty good.

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