12/12/12 (2012)



If you were unsure, let me clear up the above picture for you: that’s a guy in a pentagram getting his neck chewed to death by a devil baby.

Isn’t that sort of all you need to know about this movie? That that even happens? Here’s another one for you: shortly after his birth, the devil baby’s mother wakes up to find her devil baby performing oral sex on her. Because, you know, it’s the devil! I’m unclear why the devil has to be born and develop as a normal human, but whatever. I do know if the devil had the option of not being a baby, we wouldn’t have the great imagery of the devil baby that 12/12/12 provides us.

Oh, this isn’t a comedy by the way. Just a movie about the devil. As a baby.


I remember next to nothing about this movie. I remember it’s about an ugly ass baby killing a bunch of people while the mom really doesn’t care? It’s kind of interesting but I think this was a good reminder that bad dramas are a lot more fun to watch rather than horror. I’ve kind of been on a horror kick recently so it might be coming to an end.


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