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When Knuckleball! first came out, I saw R.A. Dickey as a guest on The Daily Show and sort of fell in love with him, in a baseball player sort of way. I thought he was really well-spoken (for an athlete) and was really intrigued by this whole knuckleball thing, which I hadn’t heard of up to that point. This was around post-season baseball time, so I didn’t get to see R.A. Dickey pitch at all, so I was still intrigued/confused by the knuckleball.

Chris and I had been meaning to watch this for a really long time, but then it finally came out on Netflix and between that and being in the mood after the MLB draft, it was hard to pass up seeing this. And it’s really cool. I love a good sports documentary, and I just thought this was great. It goes into the mechanics of the knuckleball, which is a pretty important element to a viewer like me. I’ve since seen R.A. Dickey pitch, so I’ve seen the knuckleball in action, but still didn’t quite understand how it worked. This documentary goes into all the reasons the knuckleball is great and awful; how it can bring a career back from the dead and then abandon a player when he needs it most. I’ve decided I don’t like watching games where the Blue Jays (R.A. Dickey’s team) play the Orioles (Chris’ team and my team now) when Dickey pitches, because it just sort of kills me when he does badly, but if he does well . . . it’s against the Orioles and that’s not great, either. Caring about sports feels like a full-time job sometimes.

But Knuckleball! is also great if you’re not a huge baseball fan, because it explains what needs to be explained and tells compelling stories about Tim Wakefield (a since-retired knuckleball pitcher) and R.A. Dickey’s careers. See this for suuuure.


It took us forever to watch this movie. It wasn’t ’til Netflix put it on Instant Watch did we finally sit down to see it. I’m glad we did ’cause this documentary was great. For some reason, growing up, I don’t think I ever understood that Tim Wakefield was a knuckleball pitcher or that there were even pitchers that only threw knuckleballs. I really feel that this is a movie that everyone should see, even people that don’t feel that into baseball. It really helps you understand the struggles of professional sports. Though this is about a specific kind of people, it walks you through the struggles of sports. No matter how good you are there will be times you struggle and sometimes it takes completely reinventing yourself to stay in the game! Please watch this.

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