This is a film my parents rented for my sister and I when we were younger and left us with the babysitter. I believe I enjoyed it but never really thought of it beyond a nice comedy. As an adult I’ve watched this movie multiple times and it is pure genius. IT’S SO GOOD!! And I have to say John Candy is a genius. I think what’s so nice about this movie is how clean and simple the jokes are but it’s so funny. It’s also insanely tragic in multiple ways but what are you guys reading this blog right now for? GO WATCH THIS MOVIE RIGHT NOW!! It’s on Netflix for goodness sake!!!


Even though Planes, Trains and Automobiles is a comedy, and a good one, anytime it comes up or comes to mind I always think first of how sad it is. Because, really, Del Griffith (John Candy) is a sad character. And it’s kindly John Candy, so you don’t want to see him being a sad character. It’s just rough at times. But I guess everyone can sort of identify with parts of his character, which probably makes it sadder.

Since Chris and I recently took a long trip together, I was kind of struck by how similar Chris can be to Del and how similar I can be to Neal Page (Steve Martin). Chris is a very mellow, take-things-as-they-come, happy-go-lucky traveler. I’m a very nervous, easily-irritable traveler. Neither of us are really that much similar to either character, but it’s just funny to see.

I also love seeing and hearing Steve Martin say “fuck.” It just never gets old to me.

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