THE OMEN (2006)

800 large omen 666 blu-ray2


I never really paid attention but Julia Stiles is an awful actor. She also looks like a giant baby.

Nothing was creepy, exciting, or interesting about this movie (except Julia Stiles’ awfulness).

Why did this get made exactly? Did they think it was better then the original? They failed. Did they think the story would be better set in the present? It didn’t. Were they hoping people would remember this as much as the first one? Oh, no no no.


It’s weird when there’s a remake of a perfectly good movie and the remake is really bad. You’d think it would be easier to be good, because the basic story worked in the original. But if the acting is bad and the script isn’t revised enough . . . it’s not good.

I really like Liev Schreiber. Maybe he doesn’t make the best choices, but I still think he’s good, even in The Omen. But put him opposite Julia Stiles . . . and her stiff, completely unconvincing acting is so bad that it makes Liev Schreiber look like a master and Julia Stiles to look like a middle schooler.

There’s no reason to see the remake. Stick with the original.

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