Okay, is The First Wives Club the best movie ever? No. But I find it oddly comforting . . . maybe because it’s a movie I really liked when I was younger, maybe because it still manages to be pretty pleasant and not heavy (despite dealing with topics like suicide and cheating spouses). I think I just really like the idea of women coming together and being badasses.

This is obviously a movie with a lot of “battle of the sexes” stuff going on, but I think in the end it’s about more than that. The movie doesn’t prove that women are better than men, and I don’t think it tries to. Because each strong female main character (played by Diane Keaton, Goldie Hawn, and Bette Midler) has a female counterpart that isn’t a good example of strong women. So it’s not saying all women are better than all men. And there are plenty of good guys in this movie, too. So really I think it’s more about not being a doormat and treating people with respect.

Also, for the record, Chris totally giggled a couple of times during the end sequence, so no matter what he says about this movie, that is still a true fact.


In my mind First Wives Club lands in the same category of Too Wong Fu. It’s nice, simple, and has some very interesting comments on parts of society. But it really doesn’t have a very interesting story and in the end the only real thing that drives this movie is Diane Keaton. Well, not necessarily her character, but just the fact that she’s a badass actor.

 Don’t see this movie? Although I’m sure Elizabeth does not agree with me!

2 thoughts on “THE FIRST WIVES CLUB (1996)

  1. Wish I could have been there for the giggling! I liked this movie for all the reasons Elizabeth mentioned, too.

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