I was a bit surprised when John Candy’s character in Uncle Buck was a dick and difficult to like. I’m still so used to his character in Planes, Trains, and Automobiles, just a big lovable, depressed guy. In Uncle Buck, there are a ton of reasons why the kids shouldn’t like him.

In many ways, Buck is like Hank Hill. He feels like he knows what’s best and he’s not going to let any situation play out without everything working out in his favor. But in my mind this came off not in a good way, where you can easily see where Hank Hill is coming from.

This movie was okay but it was no Planes, Trains, and Automobiles and I think I want to see Canadian Bacon next.


So I had never seen Uncle Buck, and I thought it was sort of weird when I realized it. It’s something a lot of people my age have seen and love, it’s a John Hughes movie, and I always liked John Candy. Probably a big reason why I had never seen it is because I don’t think my mom would have ever wanted to watch it. And it sort of pains me to admit it, but now that I’ve seen it I kind of understand why.

I knew that part of the premise of Uncle Buck was that no one seemed to like Buck (John Candy), but I guess I had assumed he must be a misunderstood character. Which he soooooort of is, but mostly he’s just actually an asshole and people have every reason to dislike him. But he’s not the only one; the parents, which includes Buck’s brother, are assholes because they don’t tell their children anything, the oldest daughter is an asshole because she’s a bitter teenage girl . . . it’s just kind of unpleasant all the way around. Of course, in the end, everyone reaches certain levels of understanding and everything, but still. Not the most enjoyable ride to get to that end.


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