This movie is scary in its hyperreality but the worst part is easily the mother characters. They are insane. One mother, whose son was just the first round pick in the NBA, is so overbearing that she makes her son feel guilty when he buys his own house and wants to move out. She throws a fit but hey he makes it up to her by letting her decorate his house!!!! Yaaaaaaaaaaaay (but she is legitimately happy)!!!!!! She ends up decorating his house with doll houses and a car themed children’s bed? And the son loves it?

The other mom is pissed that her son is not trying to be the next NBA star and instead is trying to be a doctor. And she’s upset about this saying that doctors don’t make enough money? She ends up realizing that her son should be a doctor when someone else tells her that they make money but I’m really not sure what kind of parent would not want their child to be a doctor over a professional athlete. One is a far more guaranteed than the other AND they are helping people!!

This movie was pretty surreal in its awfulness and I have to suggest that you watch it. It’s on Netflix!


The Cookout is really a tragedy. The biggest real-life tragedy is that this was Farrah Fawcett’s last movie. The biggest tragedy of the movie is the subplot of a dementia-ridden mother not believing that her pre-med son should be a doctor, but rather a professional basketball player even though he’s not good at basketball and doesn’t even seem to particularly like it.

That latter tragedy isn’t presented as a tragedy, though (the dementia is implied by me), but rather an example of the totally insane and unfunny subplots that make up The Cookout, which is supposed to be a comedy. There’s all the insane mothers, the insane racism, the insane sexism, and then also Ja Rule (who got top billing) and his apparently mentally handicapped sidekick thrown in for good measure. I guess the best part about The Cookout is Queen Latifah ends up saving the day, even though she does it by impersonating a SWAT team member, but that’s never addressed so I guess it’s okay somehow.

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