The Conjuring is good as far as haunted house/exorcism movies go. I feel like there’s only so far you can go with haunted houses but The Conjuring manages to feel a little different by not revealing too much or relying solely on cheap scares. Although I have to say, for a movie with a primarily female cast, The Conjuring doesn’t do that much good for women.  The main spirit doing the haunting is a woman who was tried during the Salem Witch Trials, except here she’s actually a for-real witch who later sacrificed her baby to Satan. The ghosthunters also say that demons/spirits tend to prey on the emotionally vulnerable and weak, and then turn around and say that in this instance, it’s always the mothers who get preyed upon so that they’ll kill their children. Put two and two together and that leaves mothers as the weakest souls.

One accidentally funny element of The Conjuring was casting Ron Livingston and having him essentially play his character from Office Space. Whether his daughter was being flung around the room by an invisible spirit or his possessed wife held scissors to his daughter’s throat, Ron Livingston wasn’t all that concerned. He was usually standing in a corner looking confused and/or amazed.

Despite all that though, I tend to like haunted house movies and The Conjuring is a fairly decent one.


I wasn’t sure about going to see this movie in theaters, mainly because of our experience of watching Mama. Although The Conjuring was surprisingly enjoyable. It was a bit cheesy and there were the normal cheap scares but I felt that the story was far more interesting than the normal horror story and I feel like this is true because other than the main family the main characters were the paranormal couple trying help. Apparently this couple was real and what I think is the most interesting part of the whole movie is that they have this room where they keep evil objects from past cases. I would love for them to have a movie on each object and I think it would be a missed opportunity for them not to make at least another film.

I think if you are at all interested about this genre then you should check this out.

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