THE WOMEN (2008)



The Women sort of does to women what Tyler Perry movies do to non-white people and, yes, women. While I appreciate this movie employing so many great actresses, just like how I appreciate Tyler Perry employing so many non-white actors, The Women doesn’t really do any good in the end because of the anti-female stereotypes it perpetuates.

It sounds like a really great, novel idea to have a film only have women; The Women contains no men (not even extras), except for a male baby at the very end of the film. This is especially true when you consider how many movies have little to no women in them. However, I think it’s safe to say that these movies that have only men do not have all of their male characters constantly talking about women. That’s not the case with The Women; though there are no men seen in the movie, they are all the female characters talk about. Men are the roots of all of the problems, whether it’s a cheating husband or a tough male boss. Because all the characters constantly talk about men, it makes the lack of men extremely obvious and extremely strange. I mean, there are men in the world, and even though this movie is centered around women, that doesn’t mean you can walk around New York, or attend a fashion show, or do much of anything without seeing a single guy. It’s weird and distracting and, ultimately, stupid.

The stereotypes that are shown in The Women are also stupid and weird. In the opening scene we see Sylvie (Annette Bening) in a department store. We see things from her perspective, which is a weird Terminator-like vision that lets her hone in on in-season bags and shoes. Is this how women shop? Was I born with a defect that makes this not possible for me? And when Mary (Meg Ryan) finishes fighting with her husband, she sits in the kitchen with a stick of butter, a box of cocoa powder, and a jar of sugar, and dips the butter in the cocoa, then the sugar, and eats it. I know the stereotype is that women eat junk food when they’re upset, especially about men, but come on. And of course, Sylvie is a career-oriented woman, which means she doesn’t have a partner or children. And Edie (Debra Messing) is a stay-at-home mom, which means she has a shitload of kids and is also pregnant during the movie. Alex (Jada Pinkett Smith) is a lesbian, but only because she’s tired of men. I’m not saying this doesn’t happen, but it would be nice if the character was an actual, 100% lesbian rather than the safer, I’m-sick-of-men-so-I’ll-try-women bisexual.

So, no, The Women doesn’t do anything for women. At all. Except make this particular woman feel sort of sick.


This is a movie I know wants to do some fantastic stuff for some around the world. The problem is I think they thought just about that a little too much. The main problem with The Women is that the title is literally the movie. There are only women in this film. And I don’t think that’s necessarily what made it so weird, it’s the fact that all of these women are having problem in their lives because of men! Pretty much if not every scene in this movie, they mention some man in their life, BUT WE NEVER SEE THEM!! The closest was a time when we heard one drive away; it’s super weird.

Because of this aspect in the movie, I have a theory that this movie was not set in the present. I believe that it is set in some future where there just aren’t that many men. I mean it when I say, WE NEVER SEE A MAN. So all the shots on the street, all women. So what I believe is really going in this movie is the fact that when a woman finds a man to marry, she better hold on tight cause it needs to work out to keep him. This even includes when people cheat on each other, cause the overall advice in this movie, is that when your man (or you) cheat, you just have to be the better person and still try to make it work . . . such a good way to view marriage.

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