DEAD HEAT (1988)



A friend from back home was pretty obsessed with this movie for a while and I think it was kind of my first memories watching a movie because it was bad. Because of this memory I thought it would be a good one to watch with Elizabeth. Dead Heat is as bad as any action movie that you will come across, but it’s so watchable. It’s basically a zombie movie but the big kicker about the story is that since people can come back from the dead, death pretty much become obsolete within the story. It’s a blood bath basically, and almost makes you think George R.R. Martin wrote it.

It’s now on Netflix so I highly encourage people to at least watch the first 20 minutes.


Dead Heat takes place in a very weird world where death doesn’t matter. Explanations in this world don’t really matter either. It’s a very problematic world.

Cops Roger (Treat Williams) and Doug (Joe Piscopo), while investigating a string of robberies committed by robbers who can’t seem to die, discover what is essentially a zombie making factory. Dead people are turned into soulless creatures ready to do your bidding. Unfortunately, Roger dies pretty early on in the movie. FORTUNATELY, Roger’s ex-girlfriend, SMYTHERS (very sexy name) (Clare Kirkconnell) figure out how to not only use the zombie machine to bring Roger back, but also to restore his soul so it’s like nothing ever happened. Oh, except in 12 hours his zombie body will totally degenerate and he’ll be dead for real.

All the characters in this movie die, but only Roger and Doug get resurrected. Everyone else just dies. It’s sort of weird. And it’s not a huge deal when anyone dies. I guess in a world when you can create zombies, death doesn’t matter as much, but still.

Yeah, Dead Heat is weird and just not very good.