GoodFellas #2


Goodfellas wasn’t really what I expected, but then when I thought about it I realized I didn’t really know anything about the plot beforehand except that it was about the mob. I didn’t even realize what time period it took place in. So I guess I didn’t really know what to expect.

I really liked seeing Ray Liotta as the main character, especially because I had assumed Robert de Niro would be the main character. Goodfellas reminded me how great he can be. Despite that, I had the same issues with Goodfellas that I tend to have with most mob type movies: the men are brutish and unlikeable, the women are passive afterthoughts, and the plot is convoluted among so many characters and crimes. This doesn’t mean I didn’t enjoy it or think Goodfellas is bad in any way, it just didn’t blow me away or stand out all too much. Maybe it’s a guy thing?


I’m so glad we finally watched this because Elizabeth had never seen this before. To put it simply this movie is so badass it’s kind of scary. The biggest flaw is its constant voiceover but I think this film is one of the few exceptions where it works. Whenever this movie comes up what I think about the most is the fact that the first time I watched this I only saw the second half because it was one of those two-sided DVDs and I didn’t realize that I completely missed out on most of the story. I should have know when I there were no opening credits but I think I was just thinking, “That crazy Scorsese, just starting the movie without any opening titles!”

This is easily my second/third favorite gangster movie. The Godfather and The Godfather Part II being the other two.

So this blog is all of the movies Elizabeth and I watch together so there are many that we see that never make it to the blog because we watch stuff separately but I just wanted to put a few words toward the movies House and House II, both on Netflix currently. So these two movies are in the horror category. But without any research I would put money on the fact that the writer and/or director worked on some kind of family sitcom, probably The Golden Girls. These movies are kind of not scary. There really isn’t any guts or blood, there are a few jumpy parts but they all consist of cheesy special effects. And Bill Maher is in the second one? These movies are a huge embarrassment for the genre but I kind of feel like there must be an interesting story behind them, especially the second one. I think this is the first movie I would recommend that you do not waste your time! In the end they are both just boring. I think the only reason I was able to sit through them was due to beer and drawing.