HOT ROD (2007)

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I really dislike Andy Samberg so I was not really excited to watch this movie. But Elizabeth kept on insisting that it was funny. I suppose Samberg is sometimes funny but the main reason I dislike him is the fact that he was dating and is now about marry Joanna Newsom, easily my favorite living songwriter. So I know my thoughts on him are very skewed but he just kind of bugs me.

In the end, however, Elizabeth was right and I did find this movie to be pretty funny. Especially Samberg’s character’s relationship with his step-dad. This movie is on Netflix and it’s worth watching . Although, I’m sure I was the last person to see that that has any interest.


I don’t know what Chris is going to say about him, but he hates Andy Samberg and I’m pretty sure it’s almost 100% because Andy Samberg is engaged to Joanna Newsom. So whatever he says about Andy Samberg . . . just know where it’s coming from. ANYWAY . . . HOT ROD IS AMAZING. It’s one of my absolute favorite comedies, because it’s weird and sweet and both realistic and unrealistic and just funny. I don’t really know how else to describe it except amazing.

Hot Rod is full of moments that don’t make sense, or shouldn’t really be there, or go on too long. Doing this is sort of a specific kind of humor (my mom wouldn’t find any of that funny, for example), but Hot Rod is consistent with its style and just goes for it, so it works. It’s also unexpectedly subtle in certain ways, like the relationship between Rod (Andy Samberg), Rod’s mother, Marie (Sissy Spacek), and Rod’s stepfather, Frank (Ian McShane). Their relationships really play with the classic movie/TV trope of a son trying to earn a cold father’s respect with a passive mother. But Hot Rod takes this to the extreme when the plot of the movie turns into Rod trying to raise money for a life-saving heart transplant for Frank just so Frank can be well enough for Rod to kick his ass and earn his respect. They break out into extremely long, sometimes violent fights, all while Marie either looks on passively or just brushes it off. It’s pretty great.

There are too many great moments in Hot Rod to name and I wouldn’t want to spoil anything anyway. Just know that this is a movie that really must be seen.


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