I was pretty distracted through a lot of California Split because I was trying desperately to figure out the characters’ relationships. Once I gave up on that, I didn’t care much about what was going on in the movie. It seemed a little boring, to be honest. Maybe it’s because I don’t understand casino games and have no interest in gambling myself. But there just didn’t seem to be much conflict; eventually Bill (George Segal) gets in gambling debt, so he and Charlie (Elliott Gould) go to Reno to win it back. And they not only win it back, they win $82,000, so everything’s fine. They go their separate ways in the end, which is slightly sad, because I do love a good male-on-male friendship, but I just didn’t care enough about them to feel anything but relief when the movie was over.


We watched this because one of my friends recommended this movie to me. I have to say I’m kind of scared about writing this because I don’t think I really liked it that much. I thought Elliott Gould was the best part and they got into some crazy stuff, but in the end I found it hard to pay attention and didn’t have a remotely clear understanding of all the characters’ relationships.

I’m really glad I watched this though because it’s a movie I think I would have been more into in high school. It’s certainly not a bad movie it just doesn’t have a real plot to me. I’ll probably read more abut it and watch it again without Elizabeth.

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