Film Title: Spiceworld.


The big thing I’ve noticed about watching movies that I saw as a kid, when I watch them now, they all look so cheaply made. I used to think that movies like this were high budget, made for the movie theater cause they put their heart and soul into every scene. Now, it’s very apparent that this was not true. The movie had so many unnecessary scenes I haven’t felt this way since I watched Teeth in college.

I imaged this movie being a bit like Metalocalypse. Where the movie is set in a world that the Spice Girls have complete control and dominance. But, unfortunately it was just about the Spice Girls in real life and that’s pretty much it. There are scenes of them just tickling each other, they start a plot that’s the movie within the movie, and there are a ton of (music) celebrities in this film.


So, obviously, I most definitely saw Spice World in theaters when I was 10. How many 10 year old girls didn’t see Spice World in theaters? But I really have no recollection of my thoughts on it or what it was about. Which isn’t the best sign . . .

So yeah, Spice World sort of sucks, but does it suck for what it is? Not really. It’s a goofy, pointless, child-friendly musical group movie that reminded me of Help! in a lot of ways. I feel like there’s not many movies made now starring musical groups as themselves that aren’t documentaries. That’s probably for the best, but it’s definitely weird and sort of interesting to see a movie from a pretty much dead genre.

I think what made Spice World somewhat enjoyable was all of the crazy British actor cameos, including Hugh Laurie and Stephen Fry, who comes out with a pretty amazing burn on Hootie and the Blowfish. It also got a nice mix of Spice Girls songs stuck in my head, which is both bad and good.

Also, in case you thought otherwise, watching Spice World was entirely Chris’ idea. In fact, all week when I would ask him what he wanted to do, his answer was “Watch Spice World.” So, yeah.

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